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    MELQOSH MISSION is a Non-Profit Organisation birthed to empower and educate poverty stricken, marginalised war afflicted female amputees and their dependants in Sierra Leone. We believe that everyone can and should exercise their right to a life of dignity.
    Its vision is to implement development strategies for education, health, trade and employment specifically for physically challenged and war afflicted amputees. With access to these services , the beneficiaries will have coveted opportunities that we all deserve and a chance to articulate in productive activities, thereby becoming successful, not only for themselves but for the development of Sierra Leone.
    MISSION STATEMENT: “Empowering Lives To Beat The Odds!!!”
    Working in Partnership with Sweissy Union, Charity Number: 1125890
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    <a href="mailto:network@melqoshmissioninternational.org">network@melqoshmissioninternational.org</a>
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    Charity and Events
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    <a href="mailto:network@melqoshmissioninternational.org">network@melqoshmissioninternational.org</a>
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