• Company Overview

  • About Us
    Global Impact Training is a well established training provider, we specialise in Corporate training, Life Skills, Vocational courses and Online Degree / Post Graduate Qualification.

    The company has offices in the UK; with Business Associates in Nigeria, Egypt and United Kingdom.

    The company is firmly established as a provider of internationally recognised company. Our clients include individuals seeking to upgrade their professional qualifications, private businesses, and multi nationals providing training and qualifications to staff to meet their legal obligations.

    Expert trainers can work with you in your offices or at a nominated location. All our courses provide nationally recognised qualifications, and they will make a positive impact to your business.

    Training tailored to your organisation

    If you are looking for more specific, bespoke training and support, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

    We can deliver one off special training or devise a bespoke training package that will support your organisations development.

    Our Trainers and facilitators have vast experience of delivering effective training and support to many different types of organisation and would be happy to work with you to develop training/support that is tailored for your organisation and that will deliver the required results.